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tv   [untitled]    July 3, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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roll. >> thank you (calling names) president you have a quorum and with us is the chief of police and colleagues ladies and gentlemen welcome to the police commission meeting. we have a quorum tonight >> item number one consent calendar to accept the donation
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to purchase the need equipment and this is the quarterly report. >> commissioner b do you have that memory in your packet our color guardian performs the academy event and they do a good job. >> move the second item quarterly reports. >> document protocol quarterly report. >> commissioners that document is in our packet do you have any questions or concerns. >> it looks like things have improved director hicks it is the quarterly report?
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>> just from your letter some things have improved i see late requests is there anything? >> members of the commission. things have improved the police department went through a transition and now that folks know what the deadlines are with documents a so protocol under the leadership of the captain things have improved >> do we have a motion. >> second. >> in favor. >> thank you very much please call general public comment. >> the public is now welcome to address the commission on items that don't appear on tonight's agenda the speakers shall
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address their remarks to the members as a whole not individually. nor the commissioners have required to respond to questions by the public but may respond. refrain from entering into debates during public comments. please limit our comments to 3 minutes >> ladies and gentlemen now time for public comment. >> evening ms. brown how are you. >> we can hear you speak a little bit louder. >> ms. paulette brown i want to show this little video.
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>> i believe we should do that. so if somebody tells me our expectation is that with the new way that we have -
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>> i still have no investigator. homicide >> neighborhood is squarely - but still with a (inaudible).
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everyday. >> and i wanted to say that august 14th of in around the corn my sons anniversary will be coming up still in justice or closure i still have no investigator i haven't heard anything. so i'm still out there on the battlefield and it's still painful and i still need help and want something done about the case. we have all the names of the
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person who murder my child. we know who killed my son. i'm tired of the killing and seeing this happen everyday. >> thank you, ms. brown. >> next speaker >> good evening commissioners. and those of you who you are the most popular guy in the room. i want to thank you for showing up so we have a quorum this week. i am here because i need help. people in my building need help and the officers in my station
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need help and i'm not sure how the police commissioner can help us. we have a landlord which is very antipolice does not like us to call the police even when crimes and a domestic violence have occurred. do not like us to call the police which are activities going on in the building and frankly unlike me they're extremely terrified of eviction. and there are things like bedbugs there are those mythical bedbugs that appear. and i'd like to have the police
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commission come up with some sort of of a strategy that we who are tenant and like working with the police and like the fact we have a police department and they do wrong side when we call. we need a protocol. something we can publicized that tenant can do. just like we have help lines there needs to be something we can do with when see suspicious staff people and others that act in ways they don't makes sense. just like i told you the officers shouldn't take the elevators because there's blind spots. you don't know what's going on
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or whose lurking and at the apartment it's unsafe and tenderloin neighborhood corporation has gone to lengths not to have the police help us. and to leave is community meeting which was rude. you, you literally have my number. i'm serious something from you guys would be helpful and spread out to the city i'm not the only tenant suffering. >> thank you. next speaker, please >> ladies and gentlemen and commissioners. i'm going to be brief the
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presentation by the woman with the murdered son is one of 1 thousand unsolved murders in this city and i'll lived here 44 years. and the murder in the marine a which is unsolved right now. upon my i checking are the police department that i think they were still short 18 to 20 detectives and the police departments investigative unit was something out of the stone age. i'm talking about varies police departments. this murder rate in the city and county of san francisco should be abated. if we're short please we're investigators we should at least
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bring the department up to par which is about 40. i'm not sure. so we can get a handle on this and many that those murders solved and unsolved should be announced at this meeting so the public will know how serious this is. you look at this at least whose son was murdered and go on about your business. i think if you look at what's tavern in other cities and other cities that san francisco is a crossroad between the east and west should at least have something or department capable
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of having investigations to the full ability. i intend for your time >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> call the chiefs report review recent pedestrian safety. good evening conceive and interested public. i don't want to let ms. brown's comments go. ii have had many conversations unfortunately, we have no physical evidence or technical evidence we're actually seeking evidence if anyone has new evidence our main priority is to give the mothers like ms.
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closure. i can assure the public in 2009 the department turned the corn we have a thirty year low. we were at the thirty year low for the first 6 months of the year. we did suffer 3 homicides of those happening in the last two weeks. and two of them has been solved one of the stabbing in the mission the person in this custody where we had an 18-year-old juvenile who was shot and we have the juveniles in custody. again, i think the department - the officers of the department
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do a great job. the reason we're able to have a homicide rate we do because of the spectacular jobs by the folks at the hospital but you can't leave out the officers commitment. which despite being down 15 percent in staffing still making tremendous gains in homicides being solved. we also unfortunately had a home robbery on tuesday. there was a marijuana problem. one person was shot and did not survive his injuries it was one
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of the invaders. the resident of the house was able to get the gun and shot the invader this is a defense. there's been a lot of good things which is the specific last year police peculiar on monday we raised about $10,000 for the sports events. we had a lot of graduations. we graduated a academy class of 24 officers on thursday. we have a summer academy in about, we promoted 10 lieutenants and 45 sergeants. and this saturday we will have the first golden silver bowl game pitting the tenderloin boys
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and girls club. the founder of the gym has an idea where he works with the folks who went to the school i can't remember where it was but he will be out there saturday working with the acids and the 49ers and other pro-. i'm going to deter the rest of my presentation and answer any questions to commander ali and captain of the traffic - pedestrian safety
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>> good evening commissioners. >> one quick question. >> thank you for your explanation about the history of ms. brown's case. the one question is the retiring of the kevin jones could you talk about that >> i retired in gin this month so thirty people retired last friday and all cases are assigned we'll give you that information. >> thanks. >> i guess i better get started while we get the power point loaded. for members of the public who
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want copies of the power point we have those to my left. i'll introduce myself i'm the commander assigned to the unit for the transportation agency responsible for the transit related efforts as it relates to public safety our mission is to insure the injuries and collisions. all right. we're getting this together. to accomplish that mission our responsibility is to provide traffic and pedestrian safety through education which we do
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there public safety announcements and communicated and through the provision of traffic company and our partners in the mta not only to the public but also to our officers in the field so their better excepted with information so they can be productive. an for example, is the 2013 study by the public health there was 5 years of traffic data we were able to identify the most problematic areas based on the analysis of that data. the captains in turn used this data. and that data is also coupled with more recent information received from the members of the community in terms of the particular area is the driving
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force on the monthly areas that each districts under goes >> we're responsible for traffic management through all the major fetters in the city that's coordinated through captain here. and the unit also investigates all fatality collisions. i'm going to jump ahead. i'm going to slow down just a second. the pedestrian strategy is the mayor's effort to insure with all the various entities in the city and public and private have a stake in identifying with the issues - what the issues are. it is a certainty of making
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certain that all of the agencies are in signing with each other. so there's no duplication or any areas where things are left out. it simply allows for better coordination with the 3 e's in addressing the public safety and a injuries. one of the many things that the department itself under taxes is itself traffic safety and the national fetter as well. for example, during the month of april we participated in the national distracted campaign so if you were one of the thousands of people using your cell phone or brushing your technicality
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orrd the newspaper while behind the wheel of an automobile you were unfortunate or fortunate not to get a ticket. we're aware of the public safety announcements don't walk and text which has an additional safety component in terms of the public safety but with when your unaware and focused on your cell phone you may walk into a line of traffic or completely oblivious to folks following you. so don't text and walk and that's going to hopefully avail you from other types of crime.
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one of the things - another thing we target the pedestrian enforcement. other officers about go out into the field and we act as a pedestrian. that officers efforts is comemented for looking for whether a driver is going to yield to that officer. in instances when the automobile fails to yield enforcement efforts are taken. those are done simultaneously throughout the district at a variety of time. those are very targeted effort to get folks not paying
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attention to pedestrians. we're currently looking at the mta moving the issue of amentd camera system. i'll get to it a little bit later in terms of the numbers. we're looking at using an automated system where such a system would be in place. there's some legislature concerns but that's part of the discussions with the various agencies involved. there's a question relative to the policies and procedures that the department has in place. as you can see we have 5 general
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orders that are specifically related to transit and pedestrian safety relative to travel enforcement and what officers need to do in terms of traffic and driving under the influence and citations tell all those are guiding rules and procedures for how our officers got out and engage in this effort. we have the supplementals. the first one involving bicyclists. some years ago there was a certain we weren't properly documenting so we took the steps to make sure that the officers were clear and under what circumstances that a traffic collision was generated when a bicyclist was involved in a
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collision. also furthermore, the emphasis of the need for traffic data collections the d 85 as well. in december of 2013 when the department of public health accomplished their data it was identified that 5 collision factors were at the top in terms of those collisions that about speed and individuals running red lights and running stop signs and not jooeld to pedestrians and as well as improper left turns and as a result we're focusing on the 5 top issues. the overwhelming factors that
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the idea is clearly if we focus on those violations we hopefully reduce them he hopefully reduce the collisions injury and otherwise. and each one of those in the police districts that's the foundation of the operation coupled with new and ongoing information received from citizens in a given police districts that fuel that particular most efforts. which is coordinated out of the pedestrian safety applications. thus far we've done some that 44 operations of programs with the department of public health. as you can see we've had over 6
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hundred citations coordinated with the department of public health. this - during the most of may we began posting on line so the citizens can see the citations and in addition to other 6 areas. so if you went to sf gov. dot slash police heel e you'll see a monthly reports by the district and the violations. that will continue to educate the public and what the department is doing to address
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this. in partnership with our boys of the likes of the highway patrol and san francisco state and a city college of san francisco. we've done some 25 dui check points we want to do more. and that couped as a result of increased funding through the offices of traffic safety to fuel that effort. and obviously our goal is to change behavior. in 2011 we had arrests and also in 2013. you can look at the red light cameras and see we're representing a quarter of the status of 2 thousand